For Pre Wedding Photoshoots

Rs.9,999 + taxes


  • Photo shoot timings from 6am – 6pm
  • Changing and resting room
  • Breakfast and lunch for up to 3pax
  • Location and special spots

Not included

  • Overnight stay
  • Lights camera and other equipment
  • Additional support personnel

For Fashion Shoots

Rs.10,999 + taxes


  • Flexible timing of any 8 hour slot
  • Changing and resting room
  • Any two meals falling in the 8 hour slot for up to 4 people
  • Location

Not included

  • Overnight stay
  • Lights, camera and other equipment
  • Additional support personnel
See what some of Chennai's best photographers has clicked at our Resort.
  • Budget wedding photographers
    Mr. Vetrivel
    +91 97151 94984
  • Ovaliye photagraphers
    Mr. Kishore
    +91 72990 01544

Please note :

We are a family resort.

Overtly provocative shoots involving costumes and themes that fall under “Indecent exposure” by law are not allowed in the public areas of the resort including the pool and any other areas the resort management deems unfit. The resort has the right to end the shoot at any time if it receives actionable and valid complaint regarding the nature of the shoot from any of its guests. Special packages can be tailored to provide for space for such shoots in a manner that provides maximum privacy to the shoot. Please get in touch with resort management to get a customised package.

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